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For over 21 years, Benleigh Vending Systems has been supplying  work places in Cairns with Australia’s very best vending machines.

We are offering all suitable cairns business absolutely free vending machines for your work place to enjoy. Why spending thousands of dollars to buy one single machine, when it’s not necessary.

Vending Machines Cairns

The reason we can do this, is very simple. We are not greedy and really do appreciate you allowing us to use your space. There are no catches and nothing to commit too – If you no longer wish to use the system, you can simply call us any time and we’ll pick it up.

We are not like some suppliers who provide you used or low quality machines and pass them off as new. Our vending machines are new and we will provide you state of the art systems.

Our BV3 and BV4 models have heaps of space, look modern and have quality parts within. The reality factor provides a pleasant experience for the user and peace of mind.

Benleigh is someone you can trust with over 21 year’s experience. We are based in Adelaide but due to strong demand we have expanded our services throughout Australia, and now service most areas. We put our success down to our high quality products, friendly staff, affordable prices and our extra knowledge over most other suppliers.

We can provide a variety of services depending on your location. These include:

  • Free and new vending machines for the Cairns area
  • Regular (chips, chocolate, drinks), healthy range and coffee models
  • Postage at no cost

Obviously Cairns is a fast developing area with a population over 150,000 people, it’s no wonder why we are able to offer this incredible deal.

What’s also incredible is the fact that staff who work in places that have vending machines often have higher productivity levels. This is because providing them with an easy to access food dispensing system allows them to recharge and keep their energy levels up.

Our process is simple and only takes a few steps. You will first need to contact us or call us on 1300 629 153