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All businesses, companies, schools, hospitals and government sectors in the Bondi Beach or Greenacre areas will be interested in the following announcement. Benleigh is now offering you absolutely free vending machines for your staff to enjoy at your workplace!

We have been offering Australians vending related products and services for over 16 years and have grown to become one of the most loved suppliers, even if we say so our self! We have been enjoying rapid growth and even more success recently due to us reaching even more areas and suburbs in Australia. Not only that but we have revamped our promotions and are adding even more value to our customers – this offer is one example of that.

Vending Machine Sydney

From what we have heard, most businesses are receptive to the idea of placing vending machines in their workplace, however one thing normally stops them; the cost. Normally for anyone to buy a quality machine outright it will cost many thousands just for a single system. Many larger companies require multiple machines which you can become quite costly.

Fortunately there is a better and much more affordable way around this problem; in fact it won’t cost you a cent! Instead of purchasing vending systems outright, you can just use ours instead. There are no commitments and at anytime you can return the machine if you no longer require it.

Another thing to keep in mind and why you may want to choose Benleigh is our quality. While there are some suppliers who like to cut corners and supply you with either cheap or old systems, we here at Benleigh only provide with the best. The machines you’ll be receiving are very modern looking indeed and are designed with only high quality parts. What this will do is cut down drastically on malfunction issues and more importantly save you time. Our machines also eliminate on some of the past problems with older units where they can cause coins to jam, or snacks to not release out of the machine.

Not only do we offer you this amazing deal, we may be able to offer you additional services dependant on your location:

  • New and used units
  • Healthy, traditional layouts and our new ice vending systems
  • Fast and free shipping
  • No obligations
  • We have more than 16 years experience

We are sure that you’ll be more than pleased choosing Benleighs’ products and services whether they’re free or paid. This particular offer is one of no risk and is very simple and hands off for a busy business owner like you. All you need to do is contact us and we’ll go through the process over the phone. Once installed and running, all you need to do is contact our partner whenever the unit is low on stock and needs refilling.