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Benleigh Vending continues to expand across the country making even more areas eligible for our free vending machines offer. Bayswater and Kewdale are our two latest locations who can now start ordering their own no cost vending systems.

Vending Machine Perth

To be eligible for this, you must operate a business anywhere in Australia which has a sufficient amount of staff or foot traffic. Our staff will work out if you have enough staff/customers and whether or not your business is suitable.

What we have found is that the majority of businesses and staff for that matter do want a vending system at their work. It’s handy and allows staff and customers to recharge their bodies and have an affordable light snack to keep them going throughout the day. Unfortunately the price of purchasing these units can sometimes be out of a companies budget. This is why this deal of ours is a win-win deal for everyone.

Firstly we make a profit based on the items that we sell inside the machine. Secondly you save thousands of dollars by using our units for free. Thirdly your staff and customers will just love using our unit.

The machines that you’ll be receiving are from our BV3/BV5 range of models. These are some of the best in the industry and are more than sufficient for most organisations. They look great, are large enough to store a variety of products, and are built extremely well.

Below are the some of the features:

  • Large glass display
  • Large storage space
  • Low keypad designed for wheelchairs
  • Note reader (pay using notes)
  • Improved coin slider (prevents coin jams)
  • Sleek design

There are no contracts or obligations involved here. If you no longer need or require the unit, we will happily take it back. The process is simple and requires little of your time. All you need to do is phone us and we will go through everything with you.

What will happen first is together we’ll organise a suitable date to send out the machine to your workplace.

Once you have the machine installed and users begin consuming the items, the system will obviously be running low on product. When this occurs all you need to do is contact our refilling partner and he or she will visit your site and add more items inside. This too will not cost you anything.