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For the last 16 years, Benleigh Vending Systems has been providing their outstanding vending machines to Adelaide. Over our time in the industry, countless clients have taken advantage of our high quality vending products including, businesses, schools, workplaces and hospitals.

One thing that has set our vending machine company apart from the rest is our no cost vending machines. As a company we discovered that the one thing that was deterring businesses from getting a vending machine for their workplace was the cost. Purchasing a vending machine outright can cost more than $5000, a cost that many businesses struggle to justify spending. This is why we created a great deal that offers businesses a hands free offer that is completely free as well.

Once you receive your free vending machine our professional team take care of everything from maintenance to refilling and stocking. There are no strings attached so you can be rest assured you won’t be hit with any contracts or hidden fees. All you need to focus on is enjoying the wonderful snacks and beverages that are inside the machine, while we take care of the rest.

When doing your research for vending machines in Adelaide, you will find that this offer is very special. In fact, it will be difficult to find another company that has the same offer along along with the wide product range and the type of customer service that we offer. This is because we are a company that truly cares about our clients. It is our aim to provide our valued customers with exactly what the want and need.

For further details about our vending machine in Adelaide, pick up the phone and give us a call on 1300 629 153.


1300 629 153 quick enquiry

Benleigh has provided our company with concise, expert knowledge of the vending machine industry. They told us exactly what they can offer us, in a manner easy to understand with passion and enthusiasm. Our previous vending machine was stocked infrequently, unrefrigerated, with poor quality goods and not maintained at all. Benleigh have gone above and beyond our expectations and are 100% committed in providing us with the best serviced machines. We are so happy, that we are acquiring another one for a new office –