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Do you operate an office business, hospital, school or any other type of organisation in Kilburn or Regency Park areas? If you experience a decent amount of staff/foot traffic, than Benleigh Vending may have an offer too good to refuse.

Vending Machine Adelaide

For a limited time only, we are practically giving away our most prized possession; our vending machines!

Now we understand that the cost of buying a machine may not be within your budget. For those who prefer a no cost option let us introduce to you our free vending system promotion.

This is where we send you one or more of our famous BV3/BV5 models to your work location. We don’t ask for any money, there are no hidden costs, contracts or any other nasty surprises.

You may be wondering why or even how it’s possible we are able to do this. That’s a good question that has a simple answer. We will still be earning a profit from the items sold yet you have the greatest benefit since you won’t be paying a cent. Normally the cost of purchasing just one unit can cost several thousand dollars. We understand that the economy isn’t the strongest at the moment so we have designed this deal to be the most affordable (free) and least time consuming method of helping you acquire a vending system.

Now to be honest we aren’t the only supplier who offers a deal such a this one. However by reading the rest of this page, you’ll soon discover why choosing Benleigh is different.

The most important advantage we will offer you is quality. Simply put, some other companies take shortcuts and leave you holding a vintage or malfunction prone unit. All this will do is frustrate both you and your staff and waste unnecessary time following up with the supplier.

Benleigh will only provide you with new or close to it, models which are large, modern and look extremely classy. These units have proven to work well for many years and they shouldn’t cause you any problems.

The process is very simple and won’t take long to organise everything. The only thing you need to do is ring us to organise an appropriate date for us to send over the machine. Once installed your customers and staff will be able to use it. The only thing you need to do is contact our restocking partner when the machine needs more items inside.

Please call us today to lock in your own Benleigh BV3/BV5 model. We will assist you as best we can and answer any queries you may have.