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drink vending machinesBenleigh Vending Systems offers you a variety of stock, machines and related vending services. A favourite of ours is our popular drink vending machines.

We try to be as flexible as possible and allow you to choose and customise specifically which drinks you want to place in your machine.

The good news is that you don’t have to settle for a snack or drink machine only. Our models can be customised to have a combination of both food and drinks if you wish.

The majority of our clients tend to go for the snack and drink combo unit which offers a mixture of chips, chocolates and various drinks. However in some circumstances, you may wish top opt for a drinks only layout, which is absolutely fine.

Most Diverse Range of Drinks Available

If you’re after a drinks only machine layout the best thing you can do is to first take a look at our range of beverages. By doing so, you can then write down which drinks you want in your machine. Click to view our drinks range

As you’ll see we have everything from flavoured waters, coconut water, energy drinks, soft drinks, protein drinks, and a plethora of natural juices. We also have an growing list of ice cold drinks for you to enjoy! What could be better, than having the latest refreshing drinks right at your finger tips!

Our BV3 and BV5 models store your beverages at the appropriate temperature to ensure freshness. If required, different sections can be cooled at different temperatures if certain products require it.

There is absolutely no risk for you as our machines are completely free for you to use, and we don’t force any contracts on to our customers.

We understand that providing high quality and great customer support is what you really want. This is why we will only supply you with high quality units as it’s in our best interest to do so. If a machine is not running well on a regular basis, we would not make a profit from the product sales.

Remember: Our BV systems come equipped with the latest in vending technology, and are designed to offer you a smooth and hassle free experience. Our machines will not cost you a cent Free Delivery Free Installation We even refill your machine (at no cost) when required Tech support and maintenance included.


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Benleigh has provided our company with concise, expert knowledge of the vending machine industry. They told us exactly what they can offer us, in a manner easy to understand with passion and enthusiasm. Our previous vending machine was stocked infrequently, unrefrigerated, with poor quality goods and not maintained at all. Benleigh have gone above and beyond our expectations and are 100% committed in providing us with the best serviced machines. We are so happy, that we are acquiring another one for a new office –