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Benleigh's Gift To You

Benleigh Vending Systems can offer you Australia's most comprehensive vending machine service possible, absolutely free of charge. We certainly don't impose any contacts or obligations on to you, in fact it's quite the opposite. Not only do we offer you no cost vending systems, we also take care of the delivery, installation, refilling and maintenance for you, all at no charge. What we are offering you is essentially the best vending service you will ever come across. Our products, services and support have yet to be matched by anyone else.

Once your system has been delivered to you and installed by us, we will then pack your vending machine with the tastiest, highest quality drinks and snacks! Our extensive range of products includes juices, soft drinks, energy drinks,  milk products and the yummiest chocolates and chips on the market.

You may also appreciate our ever growing range of healthy snacks and drinks we have available.  New and exciting products like our fresh coconut water, wild berry water, gluten free chips, protein bars and even cheese N' crackers will have your taste buds drooling with pleasure. Since we have one of the largest product selection in Australia, you'll absolutely find a few items that you just love.

Since Benleigh is a completely independent company, we are not limited or restricted in stocking products from various companies. If you were to go with a public company, your choices would be restricted. This is because more often than not, they will only provide you with their own items, which greatly limits the variety.  Not only does Benleigh have a huge range of choice, we are always adding new products on a regular basis.

The majority of our customers would certainly say that we put our 19 years of experience to great use, and really do our best to provide you with a pleasant experience.

Why you should get a vending machine from Benleigh Vending!

The number one reason why you should consider having a vending machine for your business,  is because our machines and service  are free. Your employees and customers will enjoy delicious snacks and refreshing drinks each and every day. We have all your favourite snacks and drinks, as well as an ever growing range of healthier items. The most exciting point of all, is that our service won't cost you a cent!

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Our professional and friendly team will first visit your site to do a quick safety inspection, introduce ourselves and work with you to ensure we understand your exact needs. We will then soon deliver the vending machine, and visit you to perform the installation. Once everything is running smoothly, We will then return to your business on a regular basis to refill the machine with new stock. Of course We'll help you along the whole way, and you can always add or remove items to suit your own taste!. All that's required of you is to sit back and enjoy the quality service!

Not only that, but our systems have a variety of payment options for users to choose from. Coins, cash and now credit cards too.

Great Range of  Vending Machines For Sale

If you're looking to buy a vending machine outright, we offer several options. For a new system, we highly recommend our BV3 or BV5 vending machines for sale. Our second hand systems are another option for those who have a lower budget but still want a decent unit. Buying a new system outright is the best option for those who want to start up their own vending business.


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Company Profile

Benleigh Vending Systems was first established in 1995, with the idea of supplying vending machines to those located in Adelaide. Today, our company is the largest independent vending machine vendor in the country. With demand for vending services increasing within general industry, the education sector and hospitals, our operations have rapidly grown. Our company has come to the forefront of the industry owing to our ability to meet customer demand.

With more customers across the world demanding vending machines that supply higher quality products and more variety, we are committed to matching those demands. Our custom designed machines, our unbeatable offers, and our growing healthy products, make us one of the most progressive companies in the vending industry. isuzuvideo

Fast forward to today, and several exciting improvements have taken place in our company. We now have thousands of machines situated all across Australia. Each city and even many suburbs across the country have Benleigh systems installed.

We have built a new 2 story warehouse to accommodate our growth and have more employees than ever before.  We have also expanded our range to include healthy, PPE and medical based systems. Our focus is very much on keeping up with advancing technology, as well as providing services for today's products.

Our machines feature a range of new innovations including smart card adaptation, stock reading, electronic accounting, GSM telephone communication, bill validation and credit card facilities.

To find out more about our vending systems, please call us on | (1300 629 153 | 9am to 5pm (central time) | Monday to Friday).

You may also use our "live chat" feature found on the bottom right hand side of the page to text with us in real time.

If you prefer to send us an email, you can do so by  visiting our contact page.